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Wise Young
Wise Young
Richard H. Shindell Chair in Neuroscience
(848) 445-2061
D251 Nelson Labs
Spinal cord injury


Dr. Young studies mechanisms and treatments of central nervous system injury, with an emphasis on spinal cord injury. In the 1980's, he led the research team that discovered and established the beneficial effects of early high-dose methylprednisolone (a synthetic glucocorticoid) in human spinal cord injury. His current research focuses on neuroprotective, regenerative, and remyelinative therapies of spinal cord injury; the role of neurotransmitter receptors regulating excitability, growth, and branching of axons; identification and understanding of injury-induced gene expression regulating cell growth, proliferation, and apoptosis. He and his students are identifying and characterizing myelination-associated genes (MAGs), neuroprotective-associated genes (NAGs), pain-associated genes (PAGs), and regeneration-associated genes (RAGs) in the spinal cord. Dr. Young founded W. M. Keck Center for Collaborative Neuroscience and holds a joint appointment in the Department of Neurosurgery at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey.


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