• Nadeen Nawar
  • Class of: 2024


Major: Cell Biology and Neuroscience 

 How did you decide on your major?

Ever since learning about the central nervous system in high school biology, I had an overwhelming desire to pursue the field further. I was fascinated by neuroanatomy, action potentials, and neural activity. I knew that pursuing Cell Biology and Neuroscience here at Rutgers-NB would not only allow me to delve deeper into my interests but also work directly with faculty as they perform groundbreaking research. 

What is it about your chose field (and the CBN Department) that appeals to you?

One of the most appealing aspects of being a CBN major is that the field is dynamic and ever evolving. As a student in the field, I can choose from a variety of classes ranging from immunology to histology taught by the top professors in their fields. That way, I get the privilege of learning about the most up-to-date methodologies and discoveries from topics as broad as central nervous system injuries to topics as intricate as cellular processes.  

Do you have a favorite class/professor within your major?

My favorite class is Clinical Neurobiology, and my favorite professor is Dr. Shu-chan Hsu. 

What are your other Rutgers activities?

During my time here at Rutgers, I had the opportunity to participate in Research as an undergraduate student at the Vicario Lab in the Psychology department. I was able to follow Zebra Finches from the hatching of their eggs through a variety of different paradigms specially focused on auditory perception. Additionally, I was able to learn about and troubleshoot multiple research methods including immunohistochemistry and microscopic imaging. In a culminating effort, I am on track to complete a graduation capstone project with a focus on parental zebra finches and neuronal activity in their auditory lobule. 

I am also an undergraduate instructor for two courses: General Physics and General Biology. Having recently taken these classes myself, I am able to share my tips and tricks on doing well. However, the most rewarding aspect of being an undergraduate instructor is interacting one-on-one with my students and learning from their unique stories. 

In an effort to serve the community that has supported my journey, I was able to volunteer as a changemaker at the Honors College. I participated in many fulfilling service projects in the city of New Brunswick including clean-ups, winter clothing drives, and enlightening presentations about pertinent social issues. As a result, I learned more about the community I called my home for the past four years and felt connected to its residents.  

What are your plans following graduation?

After graduation, I plan on joining New Jersey Medical School in Fall 2024 to attain my medical degree. 

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