CBN recently held our first annual CBN Major Fair on October 6, 2017 at the Livingston Student Center. The fair was geared towards students who are currently in the CBN major and those who are interested in becoming CBN majors.  It featured three presentations. One by Dr. Shu Chan Hsu, Undergraduate Director at CBN who introduced the major and gave a brief overview of the classes and requirements, followed by Dr. Greg Sobol of the Health Professions Office, who spoke about getting into Medical School, and the last one was by Joe Scott, the Associate Director of Career Services who presented about how to maximize efficiency in job and internship searching.

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After the presentations, students had the opportunity to visit booths, which included ones from CBN Student societies, such as RU WINS, RU Brain Society, and CBN Student Society. Students met and mingled with CBN faculty who were also there to meet with students. There was a great turnout, including a high school student who was looking into CBN as a potential major in college!