On Sunday, May 13th, 164 students received BAs in Cell Biology and Neuroscience at the 252nd Commencement.  

Our departmental celebration on May 10th was held, where students gathered together with faculty to share a dinner, and listened to remarks by their fellow classmates, Rahul Kataria, and Cynthia Zheng. Personalized engraved medallions were also presented to the graduates. Following tradition, the backs of all the medallions were emblazoned with a special image – this year’s was designed by Adin Aoki.

Students were also recognized at the celebration. Started last year, the Auerbach Academic Achievement Award for CBN seniors graduating with an exemplary academic record, was presented to five students -  Darius Hunt, Mark Mikhail, Neil Patel, Vyom Sawhney, and Jeffrey Sheu. These five students graduated with an impressive cumulative GPA of 4.0. Two students, Justin Mathew and Griffin Poole, received the Best Honors Poster Award from the Honors Colloquium.

                               IMG 20180510 175913153 HDR    IMG 20180510 180056757 HDR

 (L) Recipients of the Auerbach Academic Achievement Awards: (from left) Darius Hunt, Vyom Sawhney, Neil Patel.
Not pictured: Mark Mikhail and Jeffrey Sheu. 
(R) Recipients of the 2018 Best Honors Poster Awards: Griffin Poole and Justin Mathew

2018 CBN Graduates

Congratulations and best wishes to all CBN graduates!