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Kusuma Anath, Role of Orexin On Binge Eating Behavior Studied Through Pharmacogenetic Modulation

Erin Kelly, Characterizing the Endogenous Neuronal Distribution of Vinculin for an Investigation of the Forces that Transduce Mechanical Cues in Neurons

Ansley Kunnath, Sex-Specific Effects of Antipsychotics and D-Serine on Rat Cortical Neurons

Charles Morse, Multiple Action Potential Thresholds Characterize the Responses of Spiral Ganglion Neurons to Dynamic Stimuli

Meher Pandher, Total Leukocyte Quantification by Linear Smear Detects Gender Differences in Immune Response to Spinal Cord Injury

Manan Parekh, Addressing a Novel Mechanism of Neuronal TrashExtrustion in C. elegans and Developing a High Throughput Unbiased Genetic Screen Protocol

Riya Patel, Establishing a Knockdown of Chd4 in Order to Determine its Role in Neuronal Differentiation

Avina Rami, Isolation of Exosomes from Human Umbilical Cord for the Development of Exosome-Rich Plasma

Fady Soliman, Exploring the Role of Exosomal Netrin-1 in Pre-Metastatic Niche Development for PDAC

The Henry Rutgers Scholar Award recognizes School of Arts and Sciences graduating seniors who have completed outstanding independent research projects. These awards are offered across all departments of the School of Arts and Sciences, and so represent only the very finest achievements of students.