Jennifer Jiang, an undergraduate student in Dr. Wei Dai’s group, received the Best Young Research Talk (sponsored by Agrisera) for her presentation on "Structural and Functional Analyses of Photosynthetic Protein Complexes in Thylakoid Membranes of a Marine Diatom" at the 36th Eastern Regional Photosynthesis Conference (Woods Hole, MA. May 3-5, 2019).

For two years, she has been working in the Dai Laboratory, using cryo-electron tomography, proteomics and biophysical tools to study the structural architecture and spatial distribution of photosynthetic protein complexes embedded in thylakoid membranes. The primary objective is to gain insight into the molecular machinery responsible for supporting robust photophysiology in photosynthetic organisms. Congratulations Jennifer and best wishes as she begins her PhD this fall at Rutgers!