CBN recently held our annual CBN Gathering on October 10, 2019 at the Nelson Biological Labs. The gathering was aimed towards students who are currently in the CBN major and those who are interested in becoming CBN majors. Through several presentations and a period to allow mingling and advising, the event allowed students to get to know the CBN major, CBN student organizations and explore career opportunities.

This year, the gathering featured two main presentations. The first was by Dr. Gregory Sobol, who discussed the process of getting into medical school and what students should have in mind before they apply. Secondly, Dr. Janet Alder discussed alternate career options and various graduate studies in the biomedical sciences.


Following the presentations, students, presenters and faculty were given the opportunity to network and advise. One of the CBN student organizations that participated in the gathering this year was CBN Society. They host journal club meetings, medical school trips, and other activities that help CBN peers in applying to medical school or in pursuing a Ph.D. program. 

Photo Credits to My Nguyen.