Internships at Rutgers

Dear graduate students,

We are happy to announce that the new SGS website, in collaboration with RU Career Exploration and Success, has a page where students can search for jobs and internships posted on Handshake: These are positions specifically for doctoral students and other grad students (please scroll down to Internship at Companies at this page to start searching for them right away).

Our alumni who have successfully secured rewarding careers outside the academia tell us that an internship is one of the most effective ways of career exploration and landing a job in for profits, non-profits, and government agencies. We hope that those of you interested in exploring careers outside the academia will utilize this new resource and let us know about your experience once you get that internship (we understand that we need more internships listed and we are working on it).

Here is a webpage that might be helpful to those of you preparing applications for these internships:

Please contact Ramazan Gungor should you need anything in this process.