Research AssistantThe CCNP research assistant position is designed to lay groundwork experience in clinical research across various mental health disorders including but not limited to: mood, psychotic and anxiety related disorders. The research assistant will be trained in carrying out research endeavors in highly clinical settings while exploring varying research questions in topics in neuroscience/ psychology/psychiatry.


Clinical Duties   

  • Attending clinical rounds (virtually or in-person at UBHC)
  • Aid in screening, recruitment, and scheduling of potential subjects
  • Shadowing full board psychiatric evaluations

Research Duties

  • Aid in running behavioral sessions (behavioral tasks, self-reports, and clinical symptoms scales) of studies across multiple psychiatric populations
  • Score and manage experimental data on behavioral databases on Box.

Educational Opportunities

  • Attend CCNP Seminars and other affiliates’ research presentation (via Zoom)
  • Partake in consensus meetings with CCNP Clinical Supervisor and affiliated clinicians

If interested, please email a resume/CV AND a one-page letter of intent (include your research interests) to Valerie Lilley, by Friday, March 31st at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.