• Kathleen Scott
  • Kathleen Scott
  • Professor
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  • Fax: (732) 445-1794
  • Office: B432 Nelson Labs
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  • Research Summary:

    Mammalogy, vertebrate paleontology, functional morphology

    • Scott, K. and C. Janis (1993) Relationships of the Ruminantia (Artiodactyla) and an Analysis of the Characters Used in Ruminant Taxonomy, In: F. Szalay, M. Novacek & M. McKenna (eds), Mammal Phylogeny New York: Springer Verlag: 282-302.
    • Scott, K. (1990) Skeletal dimensions of ungulates as predictors of body mass, In: J. Damuth and B. J. MacFadden (eds), Body Size in Mammalian Paleobiology New York: Cambridge University Press: 301-335.
    • Janis, C. and Scott, K. (1987) The origin of the higher ruminant families with special reference to the origin of the Cervoidea and relationships within the Cervoidea, American Museum Novitates 2893: 1-85.
    • Scott, K. (1985) Allometric trends and locomotor adaptations in the Bovidae, Bull. A. M. N. H. 179: 197-228.
    • Scott, K. (1983) Body weight prediction in fossil Artiodactyla, Zool. J. Linn. Soc. 77: 199- 215.
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