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Department of Cell Biology and Neuroscience | Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey has 29 registered members
Name & Position
Joanna Burger
Distinguished Professor
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Phone: (848) 445-4318
Office: B216 Nelson Labs
Animal behavior, avian ecology, behavioral toxicology, ecological risk
Qian Cai
Assistant Professor
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Phone: (848) 445-1633
Office: B231 Nelson Labs
Autophagy-Lysosomal Regulation in Neurodevelopment and Neurodegeneration
Lori Covey
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Phone: (848) 445-4777
Office: B314A Nelson Labs
Gabriella D'Arcangelo
Professor and Vice Chair
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Phone: (848) 445-2839
Office: B323 Nelson Labs
Molecular mechanisms of mammalian brain development, injury, and neurological disorders
Wei Dai
Assistant Professor
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Phone: (848) 445-6560
Structural biology of neurodegenerative diseases by cryo-electron tomography
Robin L. Davis
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Phone: (848) 445-0440
Office: D417 Nelson Labs
Sensory signaling and ontogeny, as related to molecular mechanisms that regulate auditory function
Bonnie Firestein
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Phone: (848) 445-8045
Office: D411 Nelson Labs
Dendrite patterning and synaptogenesis
Dunne Fong
Associate Professor
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Phone: (848) 445-5268
Office: B424 Nelson Labs
Molecular cell biology of proteinases and parasitic protozoa
Noriko Goldsmith
Assistant Research Professor
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Phone: (848) 445-9559
Office: D251 Nelson Labs
Confocal microscopy and quantitative image analysis
Martin Grumet
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Phone: (848) 445-6577
Office: D251 Nelson Labs
Neural stem cells in development & neurological disorders
Ronald P. Hart
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Phone: (848) 445-1783
Office: D251 Nelson Labs
Stem cells to study neurogenesis and neural disease
Karl Herrup
Adjunct Professor
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Phone: (852) 2358-7308
Office: Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
Alzheimer's Disease
Shu Chan Hsu
Associate Professor
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Phone: (848) 445-1665
Office: D419 Nelson Labs
Molecular mechanisms of vesicle trafficking underlying synaptic development and function
Arnold Hyndman
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Phone: (848) 445-4683
Office: B232 Nelson Labs
Neural development, the role of transferrin in the development of the chick retina
Peng Jiang
Assistant Professor
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Office: B209 Nelson Labs
Stem cells as a model of brain development and disease, stem cell regenerative medicine for neural repair
Xinfu Jiao
Associate Research Professor
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Phone: (848) 445-2892
Office: A303 Nelson Labs
mRNA turnover mechanism and genetic disorders
Megerditch Kiledjian
Distinguished Professor and Chair
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Phone: (848) 445-3306
Office: A301/B211 Nelson Labs
RNA-Protein interactions in the regulation of mammalian mRNA turnover and genetic disorders
Kelvin Y. Kwan
Assistant Professor
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Phone: (848) 445-1781
Office: D250 Nelson Labs
Molecular basis of spiral ganglion neuron regeneration
Alice Y.-C. Liu
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Phone: (848) 445-2730
Office: B303 Nelson Labs
Stress response, cell aging
David J. Margolis
Assistant Professor
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Phone: (848) 445-9533
Office: B243 Nelson Labs
In vivo imaging of neural circuit plasticity
Gary F. Merrill
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Phone: (848) 445-2320
Office: B222 Nelson Labs
Mammalian cardiovascular system
Kenneth G. Paradiso
Assistant Professor
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Phone: (848) 445-4569
Office: D418 Nelson Labs
Pre- and postsynaptic physiology at the calyx of Held
Mark R. Plummer
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Phone: (848) 445-0422
Office: D412 Nelson Labs
Regulation of synaptic transmission
Melitta Schachner
Distinguished Professor, Member - German Academy of Sciences
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Phone: (848) 445-1780
Office: D251 Nelson Labs
Formation of the appropriate connections among nerve cells
Martin Schwander
Assistant Professor
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Phone: (848) 445-2709
Office: B319 Nelson Labs
Molecular and cellular mechanisms of auditory perception and hearing loss
Kathleen Scott
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Phone: (848) 445-9627
Office: B432 Nelson Labs
Mammalogy, vertebrate paleontology, functional morphology
Long-Jun Wu
Associate Professor
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Phone: (848) 445-2182
Office: B333 Nelson Labs
Microglia-neuron communication
Ping Xie
Associate Professor
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Phone: (848) 445-0802
Office: B336 Nelon Labs
Molecular mechanisms of immune regulation and cancer pathogenesis
Wise Young
Richard H. Shindell Chair in Neuroscience
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Phone: (848) 445-2061
Office: D251 Nelson Labs
Spinal cord injury