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Welcome to the Cell Biology and Neuroscience (CBN) Undergraduate Resource Center. Exciting opportunities are available for Rutgers undergraduates interested in learning biological principles and becoming actively engaged in cell biological and neurobiological laboratory research. Here you will find information on declaring and completing the CBN Major.  

Our curriculum aims to educate students in a broad spectrum of cell biology and neuroscience topics as well as to foster analytical and scientific thinking. We offer two curriculum options, a general track and an honors track. Information on CBN major requirements can be found in About the Major and Approved Electives. In addition, a complete list of courses offered by our department is available.

For students interested in training to do scientific research, the CBN major offers several introductory and advanced laboratory courses as well as independent research for credit opportunities.

Have questions about CBN courses, curriculum, and graduation requirements? CBN advisors are here to help. Also, check out our links to science education, career plans, awards, and beyond.

Winter Session Course Policy:  

Winter Session courses of two or more credits do not count toward the Cell Biology and Neuroscience major. We strongly encourage students to meet with an advisor before registering for any online or winter session course!