Division of Life Sciences and CBN Residency Rule

No more than 16 credits from among the life science courses required for completion of any DLS major may be fulfilled by credits transferred from any school outside of Rutgers-NB. This limit in transfer course credits does not apply to the General Chemistry/lab, Organic Chemistry/lab, Physics/lab and Calculus/Statistics courses required for the CBN major.

A Note on Double-Majoring and on the Minor in Biological Sciences

Students may not major in more than one of the following majors in the Division of Life Sciences: Biological Sciences (119), Cell Biology and Neuroscience (146), Genetics (447), or Molecular Biology and Biochemistry (694). Furthermore, students majoring in one of these four majors may not minor in Biological Sciences (119).

Course Repeat Rule

A grade of C or better in all courses credited toward the major is required for graduation, and each course may be repeated only once to replace D/F grades.