Prospective Students

Prospective Students

Meet our Cell Biology and Neuroscience Majors and Alumni

Majoring in Cell Biology and Neuroscience can take you where you want to go!

Our tiered curriculum structure, along with an expanding selection of elective course topics, enables our majors to acquire a broad and solid foundation necessary for careers in biological and health sciences. Our core courses expose students to a wide range of topics in current cell biology and neuroscience and their application in medical research and health treatments. In addition, as the majority of our graduates plan to pursue career in life science and health fields, we also offer an expanding selection of elective courses covering important topics in these fields including cell biology, neuroscience, physiology, virology, parasitology, immunology, histology and endocrinology.

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Neuroscience has always been appealing to me because the brain is such an enigma. Even though we have a lot of information about the brain and how it operates, there is still so much that remains unknown. Having the opportunity to study in such a developing field is very exciting."

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Explore the brain and its impact on behavior

Study cellular processes and their role in diseases

Gain an understanding of the application in medical research


The Department of Cell Biology and Neuroscience is part of the School of Arts and Sciences

As a CBN major in the School of Arts and Sciences, you’ll have full access to a liberal arts education that spans 34 programs for undergraduates. You will acquire both the specialized knowledge of the field you choose to study in depth, and broad knowledge of the world from the renowned scholar-teachers at Rutgers. You’ll graduate ready to meet contemporary challenges in your workplace, in your hometown, and in the global community.

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