All students majoring in CBN need to take one 300- or 400- level, 3 or more credit life science lecture course to fulfill the R11 elective requirement. This elective can be chosen from a list of preapproved courses offered by CBN or another department.

Please note that Advanced CBN courses can be used to satisfy the R11 elective requirement only AFTER the 3 Advanced CBN course requirement (R10) has been met.

Students who wish to take an elective that is not on this list must contact the CBN Advisor Ms. Kristen Goodrich This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or Undergraduate Director Prof. D’Arcangelo (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.) for approval.

Acceptable CBN Courses:

01:146:322 Human Histology, 4 cr
01:146:328 Human Parasitology, 3 cr
01:146:340 Virology, 3 cr
01:146:356 Systems Physiology, 3 cr
01:146:445 Clinical Neurobiology (formerly Advanced Neurobiology I), 3 cr (R10)
01:146:447 Synapses, Neurons and Circuits (formerly Advanced Neurobiology II), 3 cr (R10)
01:146:456 Advanced Physiology, 3 cr
01:146:464 Topics in Cell Biology and Neuroscience, 3 cr
01:146:465 Neurobiology of Pain and Addiction, 3 cr (R10)
01:146:470 Advanced Cell Biology I, 3 cr (R10 - discontinued)
01:146:472 Developmental Biology (Advanced Developmental Biology), 3 cr (R10)
01:146:473 Genetic Regulation in Cell Biology, 3 cr (R10)
01:146:474 Immunology, 3 cr (R10)
01:146:476 Honors Immunology, 3 cr (R10)
01:146:480 Advanced Cell Biology II, 3 cr (R10 - discontinued)
01:146:481 Protein Dynamics in Cell Biology, 3 cr (R10)

Acceptable Genetics Courses:

01:447:302 Quantitative Biology and Bioinformatics, 3 cr
01:447:352 Genome Evolution, 3 cr
01:447:354 Implication New Genetics, 3 cr
01:447:356 Evolutionary Medicine, 3 cr
01:447:370 Developmental Genetics 3 cr
01:447:390 General Microbiology, 4 cr (also R12)
01:447:392 Pathogenic Microbiology, 3cr
01:447:430 Effective Comm Skills in Genet, 3 cr
01:447:460 Genetics of Compulsive Behavior, 3cr
01:447:470 Evolutionary Developmental Biology, 3cr
01:447:484 Behavioral & Neural Genetics, 3cr

Acceptable MBB Courses:

01:694:408 Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, 3 cr
01:694:411 Molecular Pathways, 3 cr
01:694:412 Proteomics and Functional Genomics, 3 cr
01:694:413 Chromatin and Epigenomics, 3 cr
01:694:420 Membrane Dynamics, 3 cr
01:694:421 Special Topics in Mol Bio: The Biology of Aging
01:694:492 Gene Regulation: Clocks to Cancer, 3 cr

Acceptable Non-Division of Life Sciences Courses:

11:067:300 Integrative Physiology, 4 cr (credit not given for this and 01:146:356)
11:680:390 General Microbiology, 4 cr (credit not given for this and 01:447:390, also R12)
11:067:430 Animal Microtechniques and Tissue Culture, 4 cr (also R12)
11:067:450 Endocrinology, 3 cr