CBN Student in Lab

The CBN Mission:

Our mission in the Department of Cell Biology and Neurosciences (CBN) is to give students a first-rate educational experience in modern biology.  We provide an exciting and challenging academic environment by combining excellence in research with a deep commitment to education.  Our graduates will have a solid foundation for any career opportunities that use biology as a foundation.  Furthermore, they will be inspired to become life-long learners in the ever-evolving world of biological sciences. The overarching goal of CBN is to prepare our students for successful entry into the workforce with a career in a health professions field or in a biomedical research area.

Summary of CBN Student Learning Goals:

The department of CBN offers a wide range of lecture, laboratory, seminar and independent research courses. Our curriculum not only provides students with facts and concepts in cell biology and neuroscience but also emphasizes analytical skills and scientific reasoning.   Upon the completion of our program, we expect our students to:

  1. Master factual and conceptual knowledge in cell biology and neuroscience that will provide a solid foundation for success in advanced training and professional careers.

  2. Develop an ability to summarize, integrate and organize information.

  3. Use scientific reasoning to evaluate the potential for current research and new discoveries to improve our understanding of cell biology and neuroscience and its relevance to human health and to our society.