OlympusBX63microscope a87c9The Olympus BX63 is a fully automated upright epifluorescence microscope with CellSens, the operating software. With a motorized Z-drive, it is capable of widefield Z-stack imaging and deconvolution processing with the built-in program. Available filter sets are DAPI, GFP, mCherry, Cy5 and brightfield. The system is equipped with two CCD cameras. The monochrome camera, XM10 is suitable for fluorescence imaging and provides 12 bit depth, high signal to noise detection with 1.4 megapixel resolution. The color camera, DP25 is great for histology-stained specimens and provides high quality true color images with 2.8 megapixel resolution. Objectives include 10x/0.3, 20x/0.5 and 100x /1.4 oil.