Research Group - Neuroscience

Research topics in Neuroscience include cellular and developmental neurobiology (Cai, D’Arcangelo, Firestein, Jiang and Schachner), mechanisms of neurodegeneration (Cai), auditory development and function (Davis and Kwan), stem cell biology (Hart, Grumet, Jiang, Kwan) and neurophysiology (Davis, Margolis and Plummer).

Department of Cell Biology and Neuroscience | Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey has 15 registered members
Research Interest
Victoria Abraira
Assistant Professor
The Neurons and Circuits of the Somatosensory System
Qian Cai
Associate Professor
Autophagy-Lysosomal Regulation in Neurodevelopment and Neurodegeneration
Gabriella D'Arcangelo
Professor, Vice Chair and Undergraduate Director
Molecular mechanisms of mammalian brain development, injury, and neurological disorders
Brian Daniels
Assistant Professor
Infection and inflammation in the central nervous system
Robin L. Davis
Sensory signaling and ontogeny, as related to molecular mechanisms that regulate auditory function
Bonnie Firestein
Dendrite patterning and synaptogenesis
Martin Grumet
Neural stem cells in development & neurological disorders
Ronald P. Hart
Stem cells to study neurogenesis and neural disease
Rafiq Huda
Assistant Professor
Neural circuits for adaptive decisions and their dysfunction in alcohol use disorders
Peng Jiang
Assistant Professor
Stem cells as a model of brain development and disease, stem cell regenerative medicine for neural repair
Kelvin Y. Kwan
Associate Professor
Molecular basis of spiral ganglion neuron regeneration
David J. Margolis
Associate Professor
In vivo imaging of neural circuit plasticity
Mark R. Plummer
Regulation of synaptic transmission
Melitta Schachner
Distinguished Professor
Formation of the appropriate connections among nerve cells
Max Tischfield
Assistant Professor
Mouse models of human development and disease