09/06/2023: Our Multi-PI (Levison, Jiang) R21 grant titled "Cytokine Regulation of Secondary Neural Progenitors" has been awarded by NIH/NICHD.


07/05/2023: Happy summer break!

06/21/2021: Excited that Mengmeng's postdoc fellowship and our lab's pilot grant (in collaboration with Dr. Steven Levision at NJMS) have been awarded by the NJ Department of Health! We appreciate the support for our research on Autism.




06/01/2023: Maraj successfully defended his thesis and will graduate with a Master’s degree. Congrats, Maraj!


05/10/2023: Welcome Rui Dang to join us as a postdoc research scholar!


04/24/2023: Prof. Jiang has been selected to receive a Rutgers Board of Trustees Award for Excellence in Research. This award is truly a testament to the outstanding research work we do as a team.


03/21/2023: Our CBN undergrad Maharaib Syed has been admitted to Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School MD program. Congrats to Maharaib!



02/13/2023: Our reseach work is highlighted at Rutgers Excellence: https://www.rutgers.edu/excellence!


02/01/2023: Welcome Haiwei Zhang to join us as a postdoc research scholar!

Haiwei Zhang 

11/11/2022: Congrats to Mengmeng for being selected to represent Rutgers to compete for Blavatnik Regional Award for Young Scientists!  


10/03/2022: New protocol paper written by Mengmeng Jin and Ziyuan Ma is accepted by STAR Protocols. Congrats!




09/21/2022: New study led by Mengmeng Jin is accepted by Stem Cell Reports. Congrats to Mengmeng, Maraj, and team! 




09/03/2022: Our new Opinion article is published in Cell Regeneration. 



08/22/2022: Our multi-PI R01 (Yelamanchili, Jiang) grant titled " Cerebral organoid and IPSC derived microglia: Modeling of HIV and methamphetamine co-morbidity” has been funded by National Institute on Drug Abuse, NIH.



07/20/2022: Congratulations to Maraj for receiving Rutgers NIH Biotechnology predoctoral fellowship!



07/19/2022: Our recent study published in Cell Stem Cell (Jin et al. 2022) is reported by Rutgers Today: Rutgers Scientists Reveal New Evidence of Key Mechanism in Alzheimer’s!


👆In our chimeric mouse brain, the hippocampus, a brain region highly associated with learning and memory functions, is nearly completely populated by implanted human stem cell-derived microglia (green color, staining of human cell specific TMEM119 antibody).                              

07/19/2022: Postdoctoral positions are available

We are looking for postdoc candidates who are experienced with either molecular biology, particularly CRISPR/Cas9-mediated gene editing or brain slice electrophysiology, such as patch-clamp recording. Candidates are expected have a Ph.D. in neuroscience, stem cell biology or related fields. Interested? Please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Lab group pictures 2018-2022


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