Peng Jiang, PhD.
Associate Professor
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PhD., Neurobiology and Biophysics, University of Science and Technology of China
Postdoctoral Training, Stem Cell Biology and Neuroscience, University of California at Davis
Mengmeng Jin PhD.
Postdoctoral Research Associate 
I obtained Ph.D. at Dresden University of Technology in Germany, majoring in neurology. I am interested in studying the neuroinflammation in neurodegenerative disease.
Award: Postdoctoral fellowship from New Jersey Department of Health (2023-2026)  
Haiwei Zhang
Haiwei Zhang PhD.
Postdoctoral Research Associate 
I was a Ph.D. student at Hebei Medical University in China, majoring in neuropharmacology. I am interested in cellular electrophysiology research. I have extensive experience with primary cultures of neuronal cells and whole-cell patch clamp experiments.
Rui Dang PhD.
Postdoctoral Research Associate 
I received my Ph.D. and Postdoctoral Training at Southeast University in China. I am interested in studying the mechanisms of neurodevelopmental disorders.
ziyuan pic
Ziyuan Ma, Graduate student
I am a graduate student in the molecular biosciences program. Before joining the Jiang lab, I obtained my B.S. from China Pharmaceutical University majoring in medicinal chemistry, and my M.S. in drug discovery & development from Drexel University. I worked as a research technician at the University of Pennsylvania studying transcriptomic and epigenetic changes in kidney disease. My research interests are the direct reprogramming from glia cells to functional neurons, and using multi-omics approaches to study neurodevelopmental and neurodegenerative diseases.
 Ava Papetti
Ava  Papetti, Graduate student
I am a graduate student in the Neuroscience program. Previously, I obtained a B.S. in biology from Emory University and conducted postbaccalaureate research at NICHD. My research experience thus far has spurred my interest in using cellular and molecular approaches to studying neurodevelopment and associated disorders
Award: School of Graduate Studies Dean's fellowship (2021-2022)
Anee Kumar
Undergraduate Research Volunteer
I'm an undergraduate student at Rutgers University - New Brunswick majoring in Biological Sciences and pursuing minors in Political Science and Nutrition through the School of Arts and Sciences.
Rachael Kim 
Undergraduate Research Volunteer  
 I’m an undergraduate student majoring in Biomedical Engineering and minoring in Spanish. I am interested in using human stem cells to study neuroinflammation.
Kushal Aluru
Undergraduate Research Volunteer 
I am an undergraduate student majoring in Cell Biology and Neuroscience and minoring in Chemistry. I am interested in developmental neurobiology and glial functions.

Michelle Ng 
Undergraduate Research Volunteer 
I am an undergraduate student at Rutgers University majoring in Cell Biology and Neuroscience and pursuing a minor in Psychology. I am interested in the role of microglia in neurological and developmental disorders.
Postdoctoral researcher: Ranjie Xu (2016-2022; joined Purdue University as a Tenure-track Assistant Professor); Hyosung Kim (2017-18; joined Vanderbilt University as a postdoc researcher)
Graduate student: Maraj Alam (2020-2023; received Rutgers Presidential Fellowship 2020-2022 and Rutgers NIH Biotechnology predoctoral fellowship 2022-2023)
Rotation Graduate Student: Evan DaPrano (2023); Reem Alastrach (2023); Laura Byron (2022); Nora Jaber (2022); Tanner Clifford (2022); Michelle (Siwen) Wu (2022); Ava Papetti (2021); Ziyuan Ma (2021); Jingyun Qiu (2020-21); Mahabub Maraj Alam (2020-21); Luka Turkalj (2019); Nydia Chang (2019); Nuo Jia (2019); Andrew Boreland (2018); Khue Tu Ho-Nguyen (2018); Aman Upadhyay (2017-18).
Undergraduate Research Volunteer: Robert Juniewicz (2019-2022; received Henry Rutgers Scholar award; attend medical school at Thomas Jefferson Univ.); Maharaib Syed (2019-2022; received fellowship support from Douglas program for women in STEM; attend Rutgers Robert Wood Johnson Medical School); Gulser Ozel (2022); Michael Lin (2019-2021); Ritika Raghavan (2017-2020; received Aresty fellowship, DLS undergraduate research fellowship, and Paul Robeson Scholar award; joined Vanderbilt University as a graduate student); Anthony Posyton (2017-19, joined Rutgers as a graduate student); Emily Wo (2018-19).
SURP Summer Student: Bhargav Ayloo, (2019 from SUNY Stony Brook; attend medical school at Wayne State Univ. School of Medicine); Caroline Erickson (2018 from Skidmore College). 
Staff: Andrew Brawner (2015-17, Research Technician; joined SUNY Upstate Medical University as a graduate student)
Visiting Scholar/Student: Xiaoxi Li (2019-20 from Nanjing Medical University, China); Chen Chen (2016; Joined Neurology Resident at Rutgers NJMS); Dingfeng Liu (2016 from Tongji University School of Medicine, China).